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About Sigma Delta

Sigma Delta is a business services company, founded in 2004 by David Egger, a graduating senior from the prestigious DePauw University. Mr. Egger's vision was to revolutionize the way that business works. Paper has become obsolete. We live in a binary world where all our data needs to be searchable, sortable, and available at a moments notice without sorting through binders and filing cabinets. The strategy is to develop revolutionary approaches to aged business problems through advanced software techniques.

The first and primary product of Sigma Delta is digiState, an online property management system that can control your entire real estate investment or property management business with just a few clicks. Using this tool, Sigma Delta proves the viability of the software by using it for all our property management accounts, and providing clients with free subscriptions to view the day to day status changes in their properties.

Sigma Delta believes that Real Estate is the best business to be in, as land never truly depreciates, never has excess inventory, and no more will ever be produced. Sigma Delta's parent company, Kapital Investments, controls Sigma Delta, and manages its own real estate portfolio. Individual investment opportunities are available through Kapital Investments.



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