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Does your business need an Information Technology department? Do you need an upgraded network, newer machines, or would you just like to take full advantage of your existing infrastructure?

At Sigma Delta, we like to believe that if you can dream it, we can find a way to build it. Sigma Delta consultants have worked on a wide array of projects including hardware rollouts, software upgrades, lab construction, software development, intranets, and digitization of aged records.

Sigma Delta consultants at Allen, Allen, & Allen Law Firm converted thousands of aged legal records into digital format, reducing entire filing cabinets to a single compact disc. In addition, an intranet application was developed to make all the files searchable, so no one ever had to root around in the basement ever again.

At Ford Motor Company, Sigma Delta consultants assisted Unisys with a machine rollout on the factory floor, backing up aged data to brand new Dell Optiplex workstations.

At DePauw University, with the Information Technology Associates Program, Sigma Delta consultants built a new digital art computer laboratory from Apple workstations with disk duplication technologies, and remote computer management.

As show by these few examples amongst many, Sigma Delta is knowledgeable, can adapt to any situation from an office to a factory floor, and is versatile enough to work with a multitude of operating systems and software in a mixed environment.

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