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Let Sigma Delta manage your property, and see just how easy real estate investing can be. Everyone wants to invest in real estate, it is difficult to lose money in real estate, your cash on cash returns are phenomenal, and the risk is incredibly low. When is the last time someone let you get total replacement insurance for 1000 shares of even a blue chip stock? Contact Sigma Delta to have your property managed by the best.

Real estate does have its drawbacks. You want those great yields, but what is the point of a higher investment yield if your quality of life goes down? Worse yet, if you manage your own property, you could have very high rates of vacancy, which translates into lost dollars. Let Sigma Delta deal with the late night calls about a clogged sink, or the Sunday morning calls about a broken window.

Sigma Delta guarantees to undercut every competitor in property management. If someone else is managing your property for 20% of the rental collections, we will manage it for 10%.

Sigma Delta does not believe in poor service, client satisfaction is our number one priority, so we do not accomplish our low management rates through mediocre care of your property. Sigma Delta applies modern technology to drive down our management costs. We will allow tenants to pay by credit card, direct deposit, even PayPal, and we track it all using advanced web applications.

The other major advantage of going with Sigma Delta is that you get to see exactly what is going on with your property on a day to day basis. You can log in to our proprietary digiState software and see when rent was collected, all your expenses, even add your own expenses and use digiState as a specialized financial management package for your real estate business.

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